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We are a group of experts and laymen, gathering information and ideas on how to make the world a more civilized home for humanity. We present some of them here and offer you to join the movement of dignity.

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Workplace violence at the top.

David Yamada takes another angle on the attempted Coup in Washington… Picture – Screenshot Washington Post. „It is likely that a good number of people who were lawfully in the building will experience post-traumatic symptoms. This includes elected officials, staff members, security personnel, media representatives, and others. Especially for them, working in that building may„Workplace violence at the top.“ weiterlesen

Conference Reflection

Documenting the Annual Winter Conference was almost as difficult as organizing the meeting – well almost. Over one hundered participants were in together to speak of dignity and the human condition. Find myriad links below to videos, texts and websites. This is a Nexus of the World Dignity Movement. Be sure to contact us about„Conference Reflection“ weiterlesen

„Life is good!“

Essay from Social Media Designate Michael Boyer „Life is good!“ quoth my old friend again and again and even if everyone is trying to tell us things are bad, life is good. As we go toward the 35th World Dignity Conference we have a lot of positive things to reflect on this year. We are„„Life is good!““ weiterlesen

But purity is what matters above all…

Umair Haque’s concerns: „…Why? Precisely because only the pure deserve such things. Only the pure deserve personhood. Dignity, liberty, freedom, equality. For the rest? The impure? Well, they are going to hell, anyways — so why bother with democracy here on earth? The only thing different in the fascist mindset and the theocratic one is the„But purity is what matters above all…“ weiterlesen

New York Conference in December

Join us in a human and dignified discourse in December, starting on the 10th. Follow us to plant the seeds of positive change. – Michael Boyer, Social Media designate.

Quarterly Dignilogue Tomorrow

Rosa Reinikainen writes: We are so fortunate at WISR to be linked in with the global network of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling have dedicated their lives to the important study of these dynamics. Understanding the dynamics of humiliation is critical to healing from these cycles and restoring our innate„Quarterly Dignilogue Tomorrow“ weiterlesen

Eruption of Corruption in British Education: Debunking the Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy of Values-free Education

Pat Thomson takes on England’s muddled education system, highlighting failings caused by the actions of ministers in successive governments. „Since the rise of Thatcher and her poisonous ideology of neoliberalism and her promotion of individualism, selfishness, arrogance, narcism, feral competition, and such like, we have forgotten the art of knowing what it means to pursue the common good.“„Eruption of Corruption in British Education: Debunking the Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy of Values-free Education“ weiterlesen

If someone claims to know something for certain, the only thing for certain is they are trying to fool you.

STUART FIRESTEIN reinforces what we have been saying all along: „…we take the pills because the science is sound, even when it is not completely settled. Ask a hypertensive oil executive who says climate science should be ignored because there are uncertainties in the data if he is willing to forgo his blood pressure medicine„If someone claims to know something for certain, the only thing for certain is they are trying to fool you.“ weiterlesen

Caring, Not Competing. The meaning and relevance of indigenous economic theory

Ronald L. Trosper enlightens us on a new, old path… In an era of growing inequality and political unrest, the principles of an indigenous economic theory need articulation and exploration. The integrity of traditional economic systems can guide Native nations as they work to build healthier societies. The model of the canoe might have something„Caring, Not Competing. The meaning and relevance of indigenous economic theory“ weiterlesen

How many greedy sink a society?

Umair Haque looks at the numbers that brought about the American Crisis. Covid19 is not the problem, it reveals the problem. …because investment levels are now too low to provide the basics. A new, tiny, class of super rich emerges — while the middle and working class now become one amorphous entity resembling neo-peasants. 50% of„How many greedy sink a society?“ weiterlesen

Australia: Aboriginal protesters defend ancient forest against logging

Georgina Kenyon writes for Deutsche Welle… „The coastal old-growth rainforest is home to a multitude of species, including owls, koalas, bent-wing bats and an endearing, flop-eared possum called the yellow-bellied glider. It is also an important stopover for migrating birds. That this area escaped the wildfires that ravaged 5 million hectares in New South Wales, — including„Australia: Aboriginal protesters defend ancient forest against logging“ weiterlesen

Six ways nature can protect us from climate change

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) offers new insights… The strategy of using nature as a defence against climate impacts is called called ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) – in essence, look after nature and it will look after you. Read more at- https://www.unenvironment.org/news-and-stories/story/six-ways-nature-can-protect-us-climate-change. Link in Bio. Photo by UN Photo/John Isaac. #change,#example,#Future,#nachCorona,#afterCorona,#Sustainability,UNO,UN,#climatefuture

The Source of Peace: Sultan Somjee illuminates one of the most sought after ideals of humankind

Kimberly McKeil says of the book – „A fascinating new book from Sultan Somjee – an ethnographer and recipient of the United Nations – Unsung Heroes of Dialogue Among Civilizations award for his work facilitating peacemaking during ethnic conflict in Kenya. Ethnographers often become great storytellers. Somjee captivates his reader’s minds and hearts by transporting„The Source of Peace: Sultan Somjee illuminates one of the most sought after ideals of humankind“ weiterlesen

The U’wa Community’s Nonviolent Resistance to COVID-19 and Attacks in Colombia

ANDREW E. MILLER reports from the Colombian Amazon… Horrifically, this is just one case of a community representative, social leader, or land defender being killed in Colombia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported in NewsClick, „according to the Institute of Development and Peace Studies (INDEPAZ), 115 environmentalists, human rights defenders, indigenous, peasant and„The U’wa Community’s Nonviolent Resistance to COVID-19 and Attacks in Colombia“ weiterlesen

The sad decline of peacefullness

Vision of Humanity reports: Global peacefulness has deteriorated over the past year, with this being the fourth time in the last five years that the world has seen a fall in peacefulness. Read more at- http://visionofhumanity.org/indexes/global-peace-index/ #peace #dignism #dignity #future #protests #visionofhumanity Vision of Humanity is brought to you by the Institute for Economics and Peace,„The sad decline of peacefullness“ weiterlesen

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

Flying River, the Amazon

Dan Baron presents a Video- In the middle of the pandemic, on this 5th of June, we launch our bilingual video ‚Rio Voador‘ (Flying River), to celebrate World Environment Day, in search of Good Living for all! Enjoy, socialize and take care of life! See the work here: https://youtu.be/Dm2-rsgNQ98 #Amazon #indigenous #change #aftercorona

Pedagogies of Cruelty

Cláudio Carvalhaes, Union Theological Seminary, NY writes: "These “new” pedagogies of cruelty appear as a continuation of previous pedagogies of cruelty already normalized in our social living: we have already gotten used to the notion of private property, staggering salary differences, lack of rights for workers, use and abuse of women, the need to be„Pedagogies of Cruelty“ weiterlesen

Growing Better: Ten Critical Transitions to Transform Food and Land Use

The Food and Land Use Coalition writes: "Transforming the world’s food and land use systems is necessary to achieve the targets for climate and sustainable development set out in the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) was launched in 2017 to catalyse and„Growing Better: Ten Critical Transitions to Transform Food and Land Use“ weiterlesen

Global farm subsidies are driving the climate crisis and destruction of wildlife

Damian Carrington Environment editor at the Guardian writes: „…trillion dollars of public funding is available and is a massive, massive lever to incentivise the farming community across the world to act differently.” Read More at- – https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/16/1m-a-minute-the-farming-subsidies-destroying-the-world #nachcorona #aftercorona #change #Future #ecology Picture: ‘remarkable’ return of forests in Costa Rica, the report says, followed the„Global farm subsidies are driving the climate crisis and destruction of wildlife“ weiterlesen

Quo Vadis Post Corona?

Paul Raskin of the Great Transition Network writes about the future after Corona. Georg-Wilhelm Geckler has translated it to German. „Nach der Pandemie: Welche Zukunft? – ist eine Gelegenheit, Ihre Erkenntnisse, Spekulationen und Fragen zu den längerfristigen Auswirkungen auszutauschen. Welche GTI-Szenarien sind plausibler geworden und welche weniger? In den Bildern in der beigefügten Taxonomie der„Quo Vadis Post Corona?“ weiterlesen

The Bigger Picture in Addressing the Coronavirus Pandemic

Message from John Bilorusky, President WISR "… it is quite likely, even if not definitively proven, that our destruction of the environment is the act of terrorism that has given rise to this pandemic, not to mention the role of environmental destruction in leading to many other deaths every day." Read more at- – https://www.wisr.edu/mobilizing-coming-together-during-the-coronavirus/„The Bigger Picture in Addressing the Coronavirus Pandemic“ weiterlesen

„…an unprecedented wake-up call“

A Message from  UN Secretary-General António Guterres – – “a real opportunity to do things right for the future”, he proposed climate-related actions to shape the recovery.  While spending huge amounts of money to bring economies back, Mr. Guterres asserted, “we must deliver new jobs and businesses through a clean, green transition”. And where taxpayers’ money is used to rescue„„…an unprecedented wake-up call““ weiterlesen

Photo: TFF The Transnational Jan Oberg

Corona makes change easier. Digniworld says: do it now!

Ullrich Fichtner author of ‚The Spiegel‘ title story- – „Even before the arrival of COVID-19, humanity found itself stuck in several crises at once. The current shock delivered by the coronavirus could accelerate a paradigm shift that was already underway. It may result in a better and more sustainable world.“ Digniworld says: may? Must! Read„Corona makes change easier. Digniworld says: do it now!“ weiterlesen

Indigenous People In Brazilian Amazon Face Covid-19 and Loggers

Telesur English Reports- – „Concerns about the survival of some ethnic groups are particularly acute, particularly the Karipuna in the western state of Rondonia, which borders Bolivia. That tribe is believed to consist of just 58 people and has seen its lands systematically invaded by illegal loggers…“ Read more at- https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Indigenous-People-In-Brazilian-Amazon-Face-Covid-19-and-Loggers-20200417-0010.html

77 waste and salt ponds, from the project Satellite Collections by Jenny Odell

We aren’t just stopping coronavirus. We’re building a new world

Eric Holthaus, author– „We are in mourning for a familiar world that has suddenly vanished. The old world is not coming back. There is a tangible sense of grief and loss. It’s a moment of triage for the entire planet. There are striking parallels between this short-term fight against Covid-19 and the long-term fight for a„We aren’t just stopping coronavirus. We’re building a new world“ weiterlesen

Photo by Marcus Pinho on Pexels.com

Rainforest protectors in danger

Dr. Martha Eddy sends us a warning about Brazil: ‚Public prosecutors have gone to court asking for the suspension of Lopes Dias’s appointment because it poses a real “risk of ethnocide and genocide” for uncontacted tribes. Indigenous organizations and experts in Brazil are also highly critical of the appointment. Joênia Wapixana, Brazil’s first indigenous woman„Rainforest protectors in danger“ weiterlesen

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Simple best practice example

Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram authors: Physical distancing, social solidarityKerala state in southwestern India, with a population of 35 million, has become “a model state in the fight against Covid-19”. Its Left Front-led government was among the first to introduce precautionary state-wide measures against the novel coronavirus threat… Read More here– http://www.ipsnews.net/2020/04/kerala-covid-19-response-model-emulation/

Out of the coronavirus crisis, a new kinder and better world must be born

Prof. Kamran Mofid, Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI), author– „In all my academic life, spanning over four decades, I have been dismayed, frustrated and overwhelmed with pain to notice that our education model has not embraced the beauty and the wisdom of our mother nature and our sacred earth, corporating them into„Out of the coronavirus crisis, a new kinder and better world must be born“ weiterlesen

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Engineering Dignity

Georg-Wilhelm Geckler author During these days of spring in many parts of the world, or any other season when religious, traditional, ritual, or private feasts and celebrations cannot be celebrated with the usual get-togethers and visits of relatives many of us must stay at home and watch the misery of the plague spreading worldwide. Now„Engineering Dignity“ weiterlesen

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Thoughts on the Crisis

Our founder, Dr. Evelin Lindner has formed some thoughts about the crisis. „In 2018, we learned something interesting. Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff reported that agroup of billionaires had invited him to talk, and he describes how he realised, to his astonishment,that they believed that something they called the event was unavoidable. ‘The event’ was aeuphemism„Thoughts on the Crisis“ weiterlesen

Groundbreaking Moment

This post is in German. We hope you can use your translator on it. It tells us to develop visions for the world after the restart – now. Else we miss the chance. Matthias Horx – Author „At the moment I am often asked when Corona „will be over“ and everything returns to normal. My„Groundbreaking Moment“ weiterlesen

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Corona Shock?

Marie Solis – Author „This chain of events isn’t unique to the crisis sparked by the coronavirus; it’s the blueprint politicians and governments have been following for decades known as the “shock doctrine,” a term coined by activist and author Naomi Klein in a 2007 book of the same name….“ Read more…

Upsides of Corona

  Umair Haque author, „In the ways that truly matter, our journey towards maturity as human beings came to a dead stop, quite some time ago. We ended up trapped by consumerism, snared in narcissism, hopelessly entangled by individualism, withered by shallow materialism — hence, finally desperately plunging into the abyss of nationalism, authoritarianism, extremism…“„Upsides of Corona“ weiterlesen

Riya Sokol Film

Film at YouTube Riya’s poetic Film is giving thanks to this unprecedented chance for a change in the way of the world. Not intended as an insult to lost lives, but framing the loss in the perspective of a better future. Michael Boyer, admin #digniworld