Wrong, very wrong

I found this picture on the website of a tourism supplier. Although it is very aesthetic, it is very wrong.

I suppose that every thinking person should realize that this is a constructed image. Having made this supposition, I would hope that there are those wise enough to consider that on the top of a mountain there is probably no cellphone connection. Further, I question the authenticity of wearing just a sweater at that altitude – based upon the snow that is on his rock and in the background.

Certainly there would be people who, upon reaching the summit, would want to take a picture of their success and share it with their friends. Maybe he is symbolic for contacting a loved one that always wanted to make the climb but is now too frail to do so. There would be some dignity in that – but I am coloring my feelings into it.

The image is on the involved website to create a feeling of „longing for somewhere at the end of this world“ it is subtly suggesting that if you use our product you will have experiences of great expanse. Consume! Travel! Endanger yourself and those who need come to rescue you from freezing because you left Ill-equipped, except of course for our App that you just must have, and led you to this precarious situation.

German artist and writer William Busch once said, „Nothing is useless, it can always serve as a bad example.“ Not bad for someone who didn’t have the internet in 1853.

Social Media Designate – Michael Boyer

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