„From Humiliation to Dignity“ soon in print

2022 begins with a new book by our founder, Evelin Lindner.

Her paraphrased message: I congratulate you all on all your strength and creativity!

During these days, as you know, I continue to take care of my 95-year-old father, and unfortunately I can only leave the house for a few minutes. I consider caring for my father to be an important part of my work for human dignity.

After several years of work, I have now finished my book on the subject of dignity in solidarity, and it will go to print soon, publication date is January 2022. Gladly, I present the synopsis to you, if you would like to take a look at it. I am very grateful for the support the book has received so far, see the endorsements. Still, I am always happy to receive further recommendations. Should you see typing errors, I would be happy if you could bring them to my attention, because blatant typing errors that have passed the spell check can be fixed at the last minute before printing!

This is the book’s last paragraph: As we watch cascading crises unfold around the world now, our shared hope is for an exponential change of heart so that global unity rooted in respect for local diversity becomes possible. We have a time window of roughly ten years before us where we still can mitigate catastrophe. The central question we face, as humanity, which we must ask and answer together, in all languages, remains: How must we, humankind, arrange our affairs on this planet so that dignified life will be possible in the long term?

Paul and Evelin Lindner

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