For school shooters, humiliation fuels violence and gun access fuels killing.

Suzanne B. Phillips writes in Psychology Today quoting Linda Hartling and underscoring the work of HumanDHS „Revenge can feel like the only option when there is little or no connection with others; no emotional support to buffer and reframe humiliation; limited positive definitions of self; and reduced capacity to recognize a further loss of self„For school shooters, humiliation fuels violence and gun access fuels killing.“ weiterlesen

Annual Conference in review

Our dearest Evelin has been underway since the conference, supporting dignity in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah and in-between. Finally she has had time to reflect upon the Annual Conference in Amman. Find her reflections and those of the other participants on the HumanDHS page. Video documentation and more at: #ammanconference,#dignism,#ecocide,#cognitocide,Amman Conference,El Hassan bin Talal,Evelin„Annual Conference in review“ weiterlesen

Green-Brain-Washing in Germany

Is there such a thing as Anti-Trust Ecology? Can a company who creates a great amount of waste be successful by also owning the company that recycles the waste? The Lidl Foundation (not company), is the major competitor of Aldi in Germany. They have also been running the „PreZero“ recycling company since at least 2020.„Green-Brain-Washing in Germany“ weiterlesen

The Capture of Democracy by Marketocracy

Álvaro J. de Regil blogs us a sad but imperative scenerio. The Germans say, „Those who don’t listen must feel the pain.“ But should we really let them take us with them on the path of disaster? „…we must wake up, mobilize, and organize in order to force the replacement of the structures of unrelenting growth,„The Capture of Democracy by Marketocracy“ weiterlesen

Forget the AI hype

Says Umair Haque. „Who would have thought that technology would point to living in Dignity? Glorious!“ Michael Boyer, social media designate. „…Minds are the beings out there. In the world. It’s full of them. They’re going extinct. And here we are, obsessing over…bots. It’s absurd, ridiculous, and gross. What’s our moral duty? What makes us human? Well,„Forget the AI hype“ weiterlesen

A present to the world

Yes, we have often given a message to the world. This time we send the gift of music. As of the Annual Conference in December, we released the Dignity Song „Just Be Human“ as an anthem to our cause. #digniworld puts it online on our YouTube channel today and we link it here for your„A present to the world“ weiterlesen

Peter Coleman’s presentation

see the presentation of „The Way Out“ from the annual conference on YouTube. Peter T. Coleman is professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, where he holds a joint appointment at Teachers College and the Earth Institute and directs two research centers. In addition to recently published The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization, he„Peter Coleman’s presentation“ weiterlesen

Annual Conference Review

We celebrate our 19th successful annual workshop at Columbia University in New York City. The workshop was dedicated to the World Dignity University initiative (WDUi) and titled, „For People and the Planet: Learning for a Future of Dignity.“ It took place on 9th December on Zoom. Yesterday, editing and uploading all videos and pictures was„Annual Conference Review“ weiterlesen

Anger Management: In Armenia, Nurturing Emotional Intelligence.

Yes, HumanDHS people are everywhere. That may be at the heart of the World Dignity University Initiative. See Dr. Ani Kalayjian of „Meaningful World“ discussing the situation in Armenia with psychologist Marietta Khurshudyan.

EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Congratulations to Georg-Wilhelm Geckler who became a European Union Climate Pact Ambassador. Georg is a founding member of the DignityNowHameln group that meets regularly in Hameln, Germany. See the project here –