Take back our planet

Michael Mann sees a conflict in a global scale. We hope the martial American diction can be improved with dignity.

„Fossil fuel companies have, for decades longer than I have been alive, been the largest contributors to the climate crisis that affects my generation today–all in pursuit of profits and growth. In The New Climate War, Michael Mann holds them to account, and shows us how we can take the bold steps we must all take together to win the battle to save this planet.“ Greta Thunberg,climate activist

A seat at the table in the climate war room — David Wineberg

Ten to Watch: Our favorite climate change book — Climate and Capital

The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet — The Green Spotlight

If you read just one climate book this year, read „The New Climate War“ — Brigitte Van Gerven for Citizens Climate Lobby

The Path to (Climate) Victory — Tom Okeefe

A Book Review: “The New Climate War” — Mark Marchand

Michael Mann Takes on Climate ‘Doomists’ in His Latest Book ‘The New Climate War’ — Alex Strachan

Think Again, The New Climate War: 2 books that will make you re-think again — Nikola Zivkovic

Climate Friday — Alex Rühle in the Sueddeusche Zeitung

Alles hat keine Zeit XCVI — Sokratischer Marktplatz

Find out more at- https://michaelmann.net/books/climate-war

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