Sustainability begins at home…

Linda Hartling reports –
Heather Jo Flores is sharing her book for free…

„Want to learn how to grow Food Not Lawns? You can read the entire book for free!! Consider it my gift to the community ❤

The book was published in 2006 so there are some hilariously outdated suggestions (start a discussion group on Craigslist? huh?) But seriously 99% of the info in this book is more relevant now than ever. 344 pages of hands-on and how-to, on gardening and community organizing, permaculture style!

I’ve uploaded all original chapters and illustrations, and added extra photos and comments, and you can access it completely for free at

(yes I ask for your email address–and then i send you links to more free permaculture stuff. No tricks, unsubscribe anytime)

p.s. for people complaining that there isn’t a free pdf to download–unfortunately I don’t own the rights to the original layout document, the publisher does, and I am not allowed to distribute it. I will try to find time to make a pdf for y’all but I just finished the new website version so it’s gonna take a minute

Thanks to Heidi Kass for making me aware of this free book!“

Get the book at – Link in bio

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