If we seek transformation, should it not be great?

Paul Raskin and the Great Transformation Initiative are thinking the course of action through.

“An admirable example of technical rigor endowed with a literary style of rare quality. Reading this eye-opening plea in defense of the idea of a peaceful, healthy and happy globalized human community would benefit anyone in the turbulent times we live.”
Alioune Sall, Executive Director, African Futures Institute

„One of the most important documents of our time.“
Evelin Lindner, A Dignity Economy

“Reading Journey to Earthland is an extraordinary experience. Paul Raskin is a master navigator of the complexities of our world. He not only depicts a future that is convincingly portrayed as necessary and desirable, but also shows us that it is technically possible to achieve, although not presently politically feasible…”
Richard Falk, (Re)Imagining Humane Global Governance

Find out more at: https://greattransition.org/publication/journey-to-earthland

Foto (c) Great Transition Website

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