Come out of your Burrow!

Michael Boyer – Social Media Designate from Pennsylvania

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.

You may remember the film with Bill Murray being stuck in time and reliving a single day again and again. The parallels to the present situation of a locked down society are evident. It is a metaphor on our induced structure of sleep, eat, work, repeat.
Murray goes through phases of disbelief, frustration, anger, depression, suicidal thoughts and actions. (Any of this sound familiar?)
Finally, after every other possibility is exhausted, he begins to take notice of those around him. He comes out of his burrow on Groundhog Day to see the light of the sun. He finds ways to help. He learns to anticipate peoples needs and to arrive in the nick of time.

Hate the illness, but not the carriers.

Beyond that, Murray finds time for himself: reading, improvement, learning to play the piano, and as he does, the community around him reacts more positively each day until he finally emerges out of the time-loop a changed and better person.

Groundhog Day is your day!
Change your focus from within to without. Redouble your efforts to be friendly and gregarious to everyone, yes, everyone you meet. They are all just as tired as you are of the daily numbers that offer no enlightenment, tired of missing out on friends and family, tired of being controlled and limited. Build that „Team of Millions“ willing to ignore those who are spreading division and move forward to better yourself and all who share this existence with you. Let us break out of the repetition together.
I got you, Babe: „…won’t find (our way) out until we grow.“
Come out to see your shadow.

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