„Just be Human“ – a viable solution.

Umair Haque explains. „The Lesson We Should Have Learned From 2020 — But Haven’t“

„…sociality means: I feel happy when you have dignity, worth, purpose, meaning. That is the truth in me, in all of us. I receive the gift of happiness from giving enough sociality to form a relationship with you. That innate tendency in us, that instinct, must now extend to the whole world, all of life. The rest human race, trees, forests, rivers, lions, fish, and so forth. Along the way, our own capacities for happiness and meaning and goodness and beauty and purpose all expand — that is what we receive when we give sociality.“

Read more at- https://eand.co/the-lesson-we-should-have-learned-from-2020-but-havent-3cfd75f59fef

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Michael Boyer is the social media designate for humiliationstudies.org

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