Rainforest protectors in danger

Dr. Martha Eddy sends us a warning about Brazil:
‚Public prosecutors have gone to court asking for the suspension of Lopes Dias’s appointment because it poses a real “risk of ethnocide and genocide” for uncontacted tribes. Indigenous organizations and experts in Brazil are also highly critical of the appointment. Joênia Wapixana, Brazil’s first indigenous woman Deputy in Congress said: “Uncontacted indigenous peoples need protection and not this colonization process again.”’every possible retrogressive  behavior is surfacing on our planet at this moment.We must keep our higher consciousness strong.‘

“We, Indigenous peoples, for many years have been reinforcing these values that come from our ancestors. This is not just an ideological discourse or a vague thought, but are necessary actions that we need to take to fight the climate crisis so future generations are not doomed…and to make sure that, in a few years’ time, we, as Indigenous peoples, will not be relegated to books and the past.”

Read more here– https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/03/27/a-message-for-america-from-brazils-first-indigenous-congresswoman/

Background information– https://nowthisnews.com/news/brazils-first-indigenous-congresswoman-wants-her-government-to-save-the-amazon

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